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Climate change/Green IT. Article by Anna Krupnik for the Youth IGF. Photo credits: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay.

Tackling environmental issues has become one of the top priorities for the international community, and green IT is seen as one of the solutions to the problem. …

Children using computers in Vietnam. Article by Jason Ward for the Youth IGF. Photo credits: Sasin Tipchai/Pixabay.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have exploded over the last couple of decades. Generations have grown up with the internet, but there are surprisingly few protections in place to provide children with safe ways of accessing the online world.

More and more children are connecting to the internet across the…

“…AI measures could support the normative system by realizing a procedural rights design that protects the attacked victims from the abuse of technologies…”

Artificial Intelligence as Tool for Victims’ Protection against Cybercrime. Authored by Prof. Dr. Rolf H. WEBER

Artificial intelligence (AI). Photo credits: Pixabay

The inherent complexities associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms require…

“Switzerland is committed to a free, secure and open cyberspace that is useful for peaceful purposed and is based on clear rules and mutual trust. We adhere to the principle that international law must also be applied in cyberspace. For a cyberspace that entails those values, a solid cybersecurity education…

“….people who may be in abusive relationships are forced into even closer proximity to their abusers..”

Responding to digital violence in pandemics: how to take action during Covid-19. Authored by Prof. Tim UNWIN

Expression of violence. Photo credits: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay

Digital violence comes in many forms, and is often defined rather broadly to include most aspects of…

Youth IGF

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